An accomplished Marketing Professional & Leader with over 20 years experience in Australia & the UK


With a Bachelor of Management (Marketing), I started my career as Brand Manager at SA Lotteries, then onto Forte Hotels, Diners Club, BP Australia, and GM at Edible Blooms before founding my own business in 2015: Inspiring and energizing potential - helping businesses and individuals do what they do - smarter, better, bigger!


My skillset is as diverse as the industries I've worked in - across Leadership, Brand Development, Business Strategy, Marketing Communications, Online Retailing, Customer Experience, Loyalty, and everything in between! But I'd describe my biggest strength finding out about your business... where you're at, where you want to take the business - and then I'll help give you direction on what to get after - and how to get after it!


It's called 'Marketing Energized' - click here for more details, but essentially I help energize businesses and individuals to be the best they can be! Specialising in those with a passion for what they do, yet falling short of where they could be...

For individuals - maybe you've got a goal in mind but no idea how to get there? I can help you give it your best shot - be it a marathon or a career dream.

For businesses - maybe you're light on marketing expertise? Spend all your time 'IN' not 'ON' your business? Or just need fresh eyes & energy? I can help.

We can customise a solution that best meets your needs - but I've found 3 common gaps most businesses I work with share, and have developed an offering focused on addressing these:

  • They can't clearly articulate their brand - who they are & what they stand for, so their message in the market place becomes very fragmented
  • They can't clearly describe what 'success looks like', nor do they have a strategy to help get them focused on how to get there
  • They don't have the marketing expertise or allocation of time to spend 'on' their business, and without these elements they find growth more by 'chance'

I essentially help businesses in 3 ways, generally in this order:

1) Brand Blueprint

We'll develop a blueprint for your brand, discovering & articulating your brand purpose, brand action, brand values, customer segments, proof points, key tagline, support messages & your 'pitch' - to be used as a blueprint in communicating your brand across every touchpoint!

2) Success Strategy

Using your Brand Blueprint as a basis, we'll develop your 'picture of success' - clearly articulating where you want to take the business in the future. Then we'll assess where you're at now, and develop a strategy to get you there.

3) Ongoing Energizing

Essentially working as your 'Marketing Energizer' to help bring your Success Strategy to life - it might be guidance in project managing the implementation, regular check ins to keep you on track, & being an expert on the sidelines for support & advice! Various levels of support are available, including the facilitation of team sessions - so you can be 'in' the session!

The model below outlines what I believe to be a Holistic Marketing Approach - 7 key areas any business needs to focus on to grow. And you'll find constant reference to this if we work together.

PRICING: (ex gst)

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - Skype or Face to Face

  • 45min - $110
  • 60min - $155
  • 90min - $200

BUSINESS SESSIONS (for full details visit Marketing Energized or get in touch directly)

  • Brand Blueprint Package - $4,000
  • Success Strategy Package - $4,000
  • Ongoing Energizing - Base $1,500/mnth & Premium $3,500/mnth
  • Custom sessions - $250/hr
Marketing energized model

Marketing energized model

Check out 'Marketing Energized' for more details - or get in touch to chat about how I can help energize you, or your business!

Words can’t even describe the impact that Alex has had on myself and my business! From mentoring and giving me the push that I needed to trust myself, to knowing my business and what key steps to take - her enthusiasm in each approach is so inspiring! She has a proven in depth knowledge of not only marketing and branding, but the gift of inspiring the inner potential to believe that anything is possible! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to anyone, no matter what stage in business or life. Thank you, Alex.
— Hayley Worley (The Sheet Society)
Working with Alex to create our Brand Platform has been one of the most worthwhile exercises we have done! It helped define who we were and how we wanted others to see our business. But just as important, it has become an indispensable tool in our daily work. So often I find myself pulling it out to review before I draft letters and prepare marketing materials. It keeps us on track and true to our message and values.
— Julie McMahon (Jack+Jules)
If you own a business & feeling in a bit of a rut, you’re overwhelmed with too much to do & you’re not sure how to close in on your vision, or need some marketing advice & ideas.. or all of the above, Alex is your girl. We utilised Alex to help us plan for our business’ future & it helped us immensely. We formulated strategies, were introduced to new tools to help & had the benefit of someone from the outside look in with a different perspective. It was well worth it for us. Grab her now before she gets too busy!
— Simone Kain (George the Farmer)