We're all capable of so much more, sometimes it just takes a little nudge & a hand with ‘how to get there’...

And I must say - this is one of my all time FAVOURITE things to do!

I guess I've always been partial to encouraging people in various ways, but when I did my 1st Marathon in 2008 and 1st Ironman in 2015 - I literally signed up to these events with not an ounce of confidence I could achieve them, and I proved myself wrong. I worked towards these massive goals and I got there! (I've even written a blog about the concept of signing up & proving yourself wrong - click here to read)

And what I realised was that with commitment and self belief anything really was possible! And I now love working with others to help them come to that same realisation - towards their goals, whatever they may be... launching their own business, running 5km, going for that dream job, building the business so it runs without them, finding their passion... anything at all!

Once we've had an initial chat and I understand where you're at, I'll work out how I can best help... and we'll get started! I generally work in 3-month blocks - or a 90 day game plan, whichever way you want to look at it. But please know there is no obligation to lock in beyond 3-months.

The main ways I work with people are either:

  • Weekly phone or skype calls
  • Fortnightly phone or skype calls
  • Monthly phone or skype calls
  • And if you're in Melbourne - we can make any combination of these sessions face to face

If any of this sounds like something you'd like to hear more about - please get in touch, I'd love to hear more about YOU and how I could help.



Inspiring day spent with inspiring individuals who are all working to achieve their WHY’s. A way to challenge our thinking in a supportive & trusted environment. A great day led by a great thinker. Thanks Alex
— Catherine Sitch, BT Financial
It has been both a privilege and pleasure to work closely with Alex over the last 2 years. During this time I have seen Alex commit to and achieve many amazing goals with courage, tenacity, enthusiasm and composure. It has been a joy to watch Alex meet challenges with an openness and a genuine willingness to learn and grow from every experience, ensuring that she is continually striving to be the best she can be. Alex leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that her utmost potential is reached. What is perhaps most admirable however, is the inspiration she brings to those around her. It is almost impossible not to feel motivated and energised simply by being around her and sharing in her passionate and whole-hearted approach to life. Alex has been an invaluable help to me in feeling inspired, energised and passionate about what I do.
— Belinda Morris (Founder, Well Mind Well Body)
Alex and her team were invaluable in helping me with the business. To see that it’s not just about the products I sell, but how I’m doing it - that has helped build success and improve on it. Best money I’ve spent.
— Michael Stangherlin (Founder, Multibrand Diagnostic Solutions)