What kind of ENERGY would you like with that?



When I contemplated what I might call my business - I was fresh through an Ironman finishing line, and my thing was and still is about 'Being the Difference'. It's at the heart of all I do - it's about helping people realise their potential, being bigger versions of themselves - and the part I hope I am, and can play in that.

But what did 'Be the Difference' mean from a business offering perspective? It didn't quite cut the mustard for a business name, so I pondered some more... The name had to have 'marketing' in there, it's what I'd done for nearly 20 years... (yes I am now that old to quote 20 years ago...!), and it was what I knew, and loved!

But I'd grown beyond just 'marketing' expertise now, maybe it was the sporting theme that naturally came with the hours of Ironman training, or perhaps it was always within me - but had only recently been unleashed... Maybe it was the sense of purpose I did my Ironman with, dedicating it to my good friend Mads who's second anniversary was marked on the weekend...

Whatever it was - it was far more than just about 'marketing'. It was what I knew - yes, so did make sense to launch a business doing something I knew (and still absolutely love doing!), but I've come to realise that it's far far more than that. Marketing might be the 'technical' bit, but it's the energy, oomph, gusto, zen - whatever you call it, it's all of these things that are fundamental to anything we do - work or play - period. Every day my realisation of this just becomes stronger and stronger.

And hence the name 'Marketing Energizers' was born. I didn't just want to help people with their marketing, I wanted to help energize what they did, how they did it, and why they did it. Because with the right level of energy - that's when good stuff happens! And this was something I hoped was and would become even more so - at the heart of all I do.

I often shoot myself in the foot by saying anyone can do a marketing plan, but to work with someone and adapt it for what's right for them and their business - and get them pumped about actually actioning it - and the results that can then flow - that's what gets me out of bed in the mornings. It was that level of energy I wanted to bring to my business offering. And it actually makes me feel ENERGIZED whenever I say my business name.

So where's this going...?

Well I share this with you in the hope that it might encourage you to really think about the energy and attitude you bring to all you do.

My last blog about 'taking time' suggested if we don't take time to actually be 'in' the activity we've chosen to be in, then what's the point? I'd now go a step further and suggest that if we also don't bring a level of enthusiasm, attitude, and energy to that activity, then again - what's the point??

I am surrounded by some very very wise people - and one particularly wise friend shared a concept that if you feel tired or bored in what you're doing - then perhaps you're just doing the wrong activity? i.e. there is no such thing as tired or bored - you're just doing the wrong thing (and that does sometimes mean the right activity is sleep!). Sometimes you might not have the freedom to choose when you do certain activities - but maybe have a play with it, and even by bringing some awareness to it, you might be surprised at your change in mindset.

For me - I know certain activities energize me, writing is certainly one, I love it! By creating some space in my day to write - I come out the other side just so energized (more than any sugar hit could achieve!) and I come into the next activity feeling fully charged.

Exercise is another one - and there are obviously physiological reasons for that, but have a think about the things that 'energize' you... how can you build them into your day. Whether it's a few hours, or even a moment - we've all got them, and we can all 'take time' for them in some form. And if you do - I guarantee your day will be a better one - not just for you, but those around you as well.

Don't get me wrong - we all need down time - investment in ourselves to recharge. I've actually only just realised the importance and value of this - but that in itself can be fully energized to be 'in' that downtime... fully switched off, without measure.

There are certain things some of us just can't do, but there are other things we can all do - whatever your age, geography, industry, background, beliefs, wealth, position etc, coming fully energized to whatever you do - that is something we can all do. We just have to choose to, and know what helps get us into that fully loaded mindset.

Tony Robbins rightly suggests that 'choosing to be happy' is perhaps the most important choice you will ever make.

Choosing to be 'energized' is also a choice I'd suggest is another one of those incredibly important decisions.

And it's one we are making a zillion times a day.

The choice is yours...

What kind of ENERGY would YOU like with that?


(Originally published - 31st August, 2016)