Planting the seed...



I recently reflected on where my life had taken me in recent years and had the realisation that I often find myself thanking people for ‘planting the seed’ in many of my life adventures. So I thought I’d write a list of those ‘seed planting’ moments… WOW!

For the risk of ‘too much information’ I wanted to share my list - in the hope it might inspire you to think about doing the same… (writing a list that is ;)

So here goes...

On the beers the night before a wedding, I proudly shared with Jimmy Stewart I’d signed up for a half marathon.  “Albert… come on, you know a half is just a ‘half’…”

That night I committed to doing my 1st marathon – Melbourne Marathon 2008, and run it I did, every step of the way!

Challenge Melbourne 2014, having finished the short course I joined my friends in cheering on those doing the full distance. ‘Yabbie’ was cheering, bursting with his usual energy and enthusiasm, and wearing his Tribal Ironman Team cap. “ANDRE, Tribal Ironman Team 2015, you're there!!!”. Don’t be stupid Yabbie - I replied…


Having a wine with Rach the night after cheering and being inspired at Melbourne Ironman 2014. “Alex you could do one, you’ve got what it takes”.


A text message conversation with Sarah OC after her husband Luke completed Melbourne Ironman 2014 - “Would you do one Bert? You should do one!” Maybe one day, but I’m not ready yet – I replied. “I read your message out to Luke and he says: BULLSHIT – you’re ready now, just sign up and think about the logistics later”.


Dinner with Ali and Steph at the pub - I’m thinking about signing up for Ironman next year - I announced. “You totally should!” But I can’t run more than 10km at the moment without the legs playing up - I replied. “Oh, there’s not so much run training in an Ironman, it’s less taxing on the legs than Marathon training” advised Steph. I wasn’t quite sure about that (?) it’s still a marathon distance, but OK... I think I’m in!

I signed up, I trained, I did it – Melbourne Ironman 2015!! (That one took a few seeds!)

A coffee catch up with friend and mentor Pamela a few days before Ironman, telling her about how incredible my Ironman journey had already been for me and race day was still to come.  “You should write, write it all down”.

I’m not a published author just yet, but I am writing… and if you’re reading this, you are reading this! 

A conversation with Brian, a wise man I engaged when looking at that next career move - “I think that job would be ok for now, but you’ll run out of runway.  Sooner or later you’ll run out of runway”.


An email conversation with my friend and talented fashion designer Binny - “Where are you heading off to, what’s next?” I’m not quite sure - I responded, but I’m thinking about some marketing freelance work until I land that next job, so if you need a hand with your business let me know, here’s a few ideas I have - I replied. “These ideas are great, I love them all! You should totally do this, other businesses like me would benefit from someone like you”.

Having never seriously considered launching my own business… in the space of 24 hours (which included a few beers at the pub with Andy the Scott), the concept of Marketing Energizers was born. I would launch a business based on helping others with marketing ideas and energy, like the ones I got great excitement out of generating for Binny.

I don’t think we all hear every seed that’s planted. Maybe we don’t want to? Maybe we’re too scared? Maybe we’re just not ready? Maybe we use the words 'one day' a little too frequently? Maybe we've been a 'seed planter' for others without even realising…

What I do know is had I not listened to these seeds that were planted for me (all of which I will be forever grateful), I might not - be a marathoner... an Ironman... have honoured my late friend Mads by dedicating my Ironman to him (raising awareness and $10k for the Myeloma Foundation)... have launched my own business... and be doing what I love!

Open your ears, hearts and minds to the seeds planted for you… You might not go after every one of them (hell you’d be busy!) - but do listen for them, listen to them, let them register, think about them, and if it feels right – JUST GO WITH IT!!!

I guarantee your life will be all the richer for it.


(Originally published - 29th July 2015)