Masters of Destiny...



A recent conversation really got me thinking… (as they often do!). I was mid workout when I started chatting with someone about what we both did on the work front. We had something in common – for a long time we both worked for other businesses, and were now doing our own thing - doing something we loved, on our terms.

“I’m so happy I’m now the master of my own destiny” - he said. And my response was like a knee jerk reaction - “Yes me too”.

But it was funny, as those words came out they didn't quite feel right and I began pondering on this whole concept of masters of our destiny... For a long time – that was exactly how I felt, and now that I had my own business I really was happy to now be the master of my own destiny. But to feel this way now, implied that I once wasn’t the master of my own destiny… And that certainly didn’t feel right any more.

To use the words a good friend often does: “Der Fred!” (seems appropriate here!). If I was once not it – who the hell did I think was the master of my own destiny??

Maybe it's just me, but I feel there is an association with having your own business and being in control of your destiny. And this in itself is fundamentally floored... I hope you have already come to this conclusion, but for me – it wasn’t until my business card technically said I was 'my own master' (and this recent conversation!) that gave me a fresh perspective.

I know now - each and every one of us are the 'masters of our own destiny' - regardless of our business card – whether it bears our own company’s name, or someone else’s. We always have a choice - always have and always will.

It’s taken me the best part of a career spanning 20 years to work this out! Revolutionary…

You get to choose how you spend your time… whether you work for one company or another… how you respond to certain situations and conversations… whether you follow your heart, your passion… how far your stretch yourself… how many hours you work... the value you place on your work... how much learning you do along the way... the pride you do things with... whether you make the most of opportunities that come along... how much you back yourself... whether you just tow the line or stand up for what you believe in.

Sure your priorities will change over the years as you go through chapters of life, but again, determining your priorities is in itself a choice. And that is something we always have - a choice. Sometimes it might seem limited and the options not overly attractive on the surface, but if you look deep enough – there will be a door with your name on it, just waiting to be opened. 

I'd like to propose - “We are the choice masters of our own destiny”.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the freedom of doing my own thing and the doors it has and continues to allow me to open. But I urge you not to feel dis-empowered in your destiny by virtue of your business card, whether you've chosen for it to have your company's name on it, or someone else's. It's irrespective.

There has and always will be only one master of your destiny...

Just don’t take too long figuring out who it is!


(Originally published - 2nd August, 2016)