There are no wrong doors

Photo courtesy of Anna Davies

Photo courtesy of Anna Davies

This blog was inspired by a beautiful friend, Bruce. We caught up a few days ago and had a brilliant chat about 'life'. You know those people who are so humble about life and full of wisdom, they just offer bite chunks of it to you in such a subtle way... Bruce is one of those lovely characters.

I shared with him my new brand I'd planned to launch in the coming days, and of my decision to move on from a brilliant business I’d been working with, to make space to follow my passion and do more of my own thing. Despite having already made these decisions I could still sense an element of doubt and hesitation in my voice.

It was the same doubt and hesitation I had earlier that same day when I caught up with the lovely Beck, and showed her my new business card and also spoke about being unsure of transitioning completely away from ‘Marketing Energizers’ to brand ‘me’.

Having just done that herself, Beck gently challenged what was at play here. Why was I reluctant to completely back myself and re-brand to my own name?

Like Bruce, Beck was by no means telling me what to do, but it was a good challenge, because I really wasn’t sure... Was I scared to put myself completely out there, or did I not want to let go of what I had initially created? Or maybe I felt safer and more confident under the umbrella of a company name? Perhaps a combination of all three... whatever it was, the thought of moving completely to brand ‘me’ just felt a little uncomfortable…

But that conversation was the perfect precedent to the one I would continue with Bruce later that afternoon. Bruce and I started reflecting on the little leaps we'd taken in our own lives, the 'doors' we'd opened despite the uncertainty of not knowing how things would pan out. Of the courage it took, and how grateful we both were for choosing to open those doors at the time.

And Bruce said to me: “You know Alex, I don't think there are any wrong doors. You don't hear of people regretting a risk they took, a door they opened. What's the worst that can happen?”

How true those words were.

They’re ones that have stayed with me the last few days, inspired me, and despite the uncertainty, fuelled me with confidence as I take on this next chapter.

I guess that's what opening doors is all about... it does feel uncomfortable. You often have no idea what’s through that door. But there’s just something about it that feels right. You can’t always put your finger on it, but you’re somehow drawn to it.

When I launched my own business - Marketing Energizers, it was very much about marketing, it’s what I knew and it was how I’d planned to help other businesses realise their potential. It’s what propelled me to do my own thing, and the door I opened at the time.

But over the last 18 months things have evolved to much more than pure ‘marketing’, it’s still my core focus – but it’s now more broadly about connecting with people and inspiring them to do more, to be more, and to take that to those around them as well.

A few months ago I found myself briefing the brilliant team at Scooter Creative to design my own logo - Alexandra Andre. Can you imagine how strange this felt? I'd briefed agencies hundreds of times before - but briefing the development of my own personal logo just felt slightly weird! I’m not sure how many times during the process I said I was getting ahead of myself”, but I pressed on, and landed a logo I just love.

Bruce was right, there were no wrong doors. And this was one door I was now choosing to open, wide open! I would back myself and move completely to the new ‘brand me’ of Alexandra Andre. I really don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know it’s a path I want to explore. And a decision made lighter, simply by knowing there are in fact no wrong doors ;)

All this self-reflection, made me think - why is it we don't open more doors? Say yes to more opportunities? Without knowing what lies ahead? We often associate uncertainty in the negative - but how about we flip it?? Imagine if ‘certain' was the new boring and 'uncertain' was the one to embrace?? It might not always work out as you'd thought, but at the same time it could lead you down a path that you would never have envisaged in a million years!!

We walk past doors every damn day (metaphorically speaking!), and sure they’re not all ones we’re drawn to open, but I hope in reading this – it just might encourage you to pause by that next one...

Ask yourself - what’s the worst that could happen?

And in making your decision - be assured there are no wrong doors.

Only regrets for the ones we leave shut.