You're never alone.

You're never alone.png

Yesterday I got to see 20 amazing individuals roll into Melbourne after 6 days of riding a total of 800km's around country Victoria, in temperatures nearing 40 degrees...

I only witnessed a fraction of the week they had, but it certainly moved me. And this photo captures one of those moments. The 'Rider of the week' taking a moment during his acceptance speech, and an arm of support reaches out to him.

This photo depicts what I know to be true...

You're never alone. No matter what.

In fact these 20 riders weren't alone - they had an amazing bunch of support - family, friends, volunteers, sponsors and everyone in between.

And the reason for the ride? It was a charity ride - an initiative by the Chamberlain Foundation, raising money for GriefLine - an amazing national operation, taking much needed calls from those who have suffered loss and are reaching out for support. Open every day, taking around 30,000 calls a year - nearly 100 a day!

An amazing effort, by an amazing bunch of riders, including 3 legends I know well - Gabe, Dim and Laura.

But the message in this extends far beyond the obvious... we all have times when we feel alone, maybe no one is physically around, or no one knows how we feel. If only we knew we were never really alone..

So if by chance you do ever feel alone. Take comfort in the knowing you are not.

There will be an arm with your name on it, not far away - just waiting for permission to reach out and provide whatever support or help you might need.

It's human nature to want to help those around us, we should allow more of it in.

This 'Little bit of inspiration' goes out to my friends - Gabe, Dim and Laura. Thank you for doing this. And thank you for inspiring me!