Run your own race...

Run your own race.png

This is a quote I heard in a movie... and I just love it!

For context - it was advice given by a coach just moments before a race. And the runner did do something marvellous! But they're words that lend themselves to absolutely anything, not just running.

So often we get caught up with what others around us are doing, trying to keep up with them, or slow down for them.

But to run your own race, the one that feels right for you...

Well that's where the magic lies!

I was reminded of this on at least 2 occasions this week. Unable to move off the couch with a little post Hawaii bug, my race was a pretty 'stationary' one for most of the week... and when I did get moving this morning, I couldn't even keep up with the Cappuccino Club guy on the bike ;)

Granted neither of these performances were 'marvellous' in the scheme of things... but I did respect the 'race' my body felt like 'running' at the time, and there was no trying to keep up with anything or anyone that's for sure!

There is only ever one person you are racing with, or for, or against... and that's YOU!

It's a saying we've all heard before, but I believe it's one worth reminding ourselves of now and then.

And that word 'marvellous' lends itself to oh so many wonderful things... not just a Personal Best... it could be anything. And if you run your own race, you just might give yourself a chance to explore a few of them.

Only you know what your own race looks like... go run it this week!

The photo above was taken on a 'walk' to the bus which became a 'hot-foot-it-to-the-bus', hindered by a dog requiring a toilet stop! :)